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About me

Hello there! I'm Ruth Ann Pycke.


I'm a 30 something pursuing my art career in painting. I love my work!... very different to the tune I was singing to In my early years on the job scene. I knew I didn't want to work for anyone else then, my mind was filled with too many ideas and my creativity often went unnoticed or caused conflict with others, who wanted to do everything by the books. Even though I lacked self confidence then, I  confidence in my imagination and my ability to see things differently than others, I was and am an "artreprenuer" I don't believe in the world stopping me, the only person who can stop me, is myself. I've chosen to keep pushing ME and do the best that I can to make my dream a reality.


I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do at first, because I had many things I was "good" at, like: drawing, writing, poetry, singing, acting, photography and anything artistic really. I knew eventually I'd find my passion or it would find me instead. In 2020 during COVID I found that passion, and it came through a brush and canvas. Painting came naturally to me... of course I've grown much in the years since; there was something almost instinctual about painting, and that's how I knew it was what I was made to do and be... a painter! 

Being self employed has taught me a very beautiful thing: There is no room for my own introverted identity; When I'm in the spotlight, I MUST shine! because at the end of the day, I'm my biggest fan, my motivation, my marketing team, my business. 

My biggest inspirations are my two beautiful, smart creative kids and my wonderful man who supports me and loves me unconditionally. 

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